About us

Sphere Time is a Luxembourg based company specialized in the designing, production and distribution of watches and clocks. The company was created in 1999 by partners, passionate about what they do, with extensive experience and know-how in the watch-making field.

Tailor-made branded watches 

Our activity is mainly directed towards the production of watches and clocks intended for promotion purposes (B2B) in order to strengthen our customer’s brand values. We offer a large choice of different watch models (sports, classic, trendy…) intended for different audiences (men, women and children) that can be completely personalized with the brand’s logo or design. We work closely with our customers to provide the best solutions to meet their business requirements.

Quality design 

Sphere Time has its in-house graphic design studio creating original concepts reflecting the brand’s philosophy and making sure the integrity of the brand is maintained at all times. Our designers work tightly with our clients to understand their specific needs. Stylish quality timepieces are consequently created increasing the reputation and raising the awareness of the brand.

They have trusted us 

Numerous famous A-brands across all industry sectors have already entrusted Sphere Time with the creation of their styles. We have, as such, acquired today a leading position in the market of tailor-made watches working with some of the world’s most well known companies     .

At your service 

Sphere Time uses only high-end parts ensuring that all timepieces will be of the highest quality. Moreover, the in-house after-sale service will take care of all your potential enquiries.

Sphere Time – We design your time!